USPS Finalizes Rule; Bans Vape Mail

USPS Finalizes Rule; Bans Vape Mail

USPS finalizes the rules that Congress forced via the PACT Act last year.

In 2020 Congress passed a bill that forced ENDS products (vapor products) into the existing PACT Act. Part of that prohibits the shipment of vape products by the United States Postal Service. USPS has been the go to method for shipping vapor products from vape shops and manufacturers due ease and low cost. 

The USPS has finally finalized their rules & regulations put forth to them by Congress. The end result: companies can no longer ship direct to consumers via USPS. Other carriers including Fedex, UPS and DHL have already banned these products as they don't want to be held liable and sued by States or the Federal Government (which they already have.) 

So, with out a viable shipping option for our customers we regretfully have had to cease offering these products for shipment online. The website still allows check out for California based customers that want utilize in-store pickup. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at (530) 822-9805 or email at info 

Thank you to all our customers across the country that have continued to buy from us all these years. We wish we were still able to serve you.